The Stars Today! Venus Conjunct Uranus

"venus conjunct uranus"

The chart was talking to me and it would not shut up. I was trying to sleep. I had tossed and turned all night, waking up every two hours. When the morning came, I could sleep in, but I couldn’t sleep. I got up to write down what the chart was saying so that I wouldn’t forget. When it was time to email the querent again, I was grateful I had my notes.

Strange how that happens but not so strange at all. Sometimes charts scream to be heard. And sometimes when you are most sleepy is when it happens – the left side of the brain is all shushed.

Venus and Uranus are conjunct now, a charismatic, sexy aspect. Venus will square Pluto, also a charismatic, sexy aspect but darker. I wonder if your love life is being affected by all this Venus action and what happened with me today with that chart reminds me of Venus-Uranus-Pluto: something fast, bright, and compulsive.

Venus and Uranus together can be fickle, changeable. They come and they go but it’s thrilling while it lasts. Venus and Pluto together is being in love with deep, often crisis-filled love. Control issues! Venus-Uranus is the spark and Venus-Pluto is the fire and with Venus in Aries? Call 911!


Otherwise the Moon is in Virgo, heading towards the late degrees, heading towards conjunction with retrograde Mars. Moon moving forward. Mars moving back.

Which way are YOU going? 

The sky feels confused to me, confusing, like we can’t trust this energy. It’s moving and it’s freeing and it’s feeling but it’s FLEETING.

Don’t accept any marriage proposals just yet. Wait a day. Or two.


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