The Stars Today: Upgrade Your Altar

"full moon lunar eclipse in gemini 2011"
earth! fire!

You want to know how I’m using this Earth energy? And by Earth energy I mean Mars in Virgo trining Venus in Capricorn which is conjuncting Pluto and don’t forget retrograde Jupiter in Taurus…

What I’m doing is upgrading my altar. Which I keep misspelling as ALTER. But no. I’m talking about ritual. I’m talking about the candles. I’m talking about the incense. I’m talking about going to Whole Body in Chelsea and buying pretty things to put my candles on. Yartzeit candles have never looked this good.

Which reminds me: thanks again to everyone who commented or sent a condolence email – but trust me: Papa is in a WAY better place. And if there are Fig Newtons in heaven, I am hoping Bubby (my grandmother) lets him choose the ones he wants, for once.

But back to the stars: The Sun in Sagittarius continues to be our light, our beacon, the light we need to see by while darker gloomier weather takes over in my part of the world anyway. Brooklyn gloom.

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius and I hope your dreams and visions aren’t shrinking. Maybe it’s your self-doubt that is shrinking. Funny but I think a natal non-retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius is probably not all that different from the retrograde version. And how would we know anyway? Sagittarius is the prophet. They speak in tongues. 😉

But back to earth: Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn: all this groovy stability in which to Upgrade Your Altar! And yes the Moon is in Aquarius which is perfect for this sort of activity because Uranus rules intuition and astrology and all kinds of occulty goodness. Also, upgrade is a computer word and Uranus rules That Which Plugs In.

So yes I am going to encourage you to shop. Or to build. Make something beautiful. All this Earth energy brings us Reality, Real Life. This World. This Now.

Also, Venus conjunct Pluto can be such a dark energy, intense. You want to use it so it doesn’t use you or back up on you like a clogged toilet. Yeah, that’s Pluto for ya. Don’t let Pluto shit all over your beauty (Venus) or your love (Venus). Upgrade instead, make something better. Capricorn climbs. Virgo improves. Taurus loves.

Feeling earthy?

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