The Stars Today: Underwater

So I’m back at the gym for Saturn.

That’s the structure I decided to put (back) into my day to give Saturn in Scorpio, now retrograde, a little help.

I often listen to music when I work, especially when I blog, and I just put on a Philip Glass song  and remembered last year on the treadmill how I loved to jog to it.

I’ll listen to Rihanna and the Rolling stones too but Phillip Glass really made me feel like I was getting somewhere. I get obsessed with songs and I think I just listened to that one for the last… 45 minutes? Enough.

Saturn = structure. Scorpio = obsession. That’s what a song is.


Desire without being able to express that desire is painful. This is not a new feeling for me but with Pluto now transiting my 5th House (love, creativity) and with my 7th House (committed partners) filled to bursting with the urge to merge (fast moving transiting planets in Pisces), I’m in heaven/hell. This is a sextile though. It’s easy. And yet it’s PLUTO. Not easy. Impatience, crisis, desire, change, chains. Fate.

So what does one do if the Beloved is out of reach? One can go to the gym. One can make art. But it must be physical. It must come out. Be expressed.  Blood, sweat, tears. Once upon a time, Phillip Glass had the desire to create that beautiful music on Glassworks. And so he penetrated. And so he gave birth.


What will you do for your desire? What structure will you put into your life now that Saturn is retrograde? Are you also feeling this need? Remember when we were talking about the Devil card from the Tarot? The Devil doesn’t yet know what structure is needed. Instead it/he/she/they just feel the heavy chain, the burden, limited. The burden gets lighter once we catch a little light and can see the way ahead. Less longing and more… reality. Knowing what we’re dealing with. Less mystery driving us, less compulsion.

I was explaining today to someone that I have so much earth in my chart, I need touch, experience. I’m not satisfied with air (thoughts) or  even water (expression of feelings). I need to see, touch, hear, taste, succumb.


Saturn in Scorpio. Pluto in Capricorn. Sun, Mercury, Mars in Pisces. The skies are harmonious (sextiles and trines) and yet with Saturn retrograde and Mercury going retrograde… the kingdoms that we must establish are underwater. What a task this is. It’s crazy. How do you settle down, make a home, plan ahead, build in water? By trust. Trusting. See, water signs always know. They always doubt but they always know. Even if what they know is that they don’t know.

Don’t fight the Pisces, my friends 🙂

Happy Weekend from the Big City 

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