The Stars Today! This Land Is Your Land

"jupiter in taurus"

Jupiter IS direct but I just don’t feel like expanding. See, Jupiter is direct in Taurus: stubborn, slow, pastoral.

Mars in quick in Virgo but retrograde and also pastoral! Virgo rules the field.

Sense a theme here? 

This is what I’m thinking (Virgo): let the land lie fallow if it wants to. This morning I said listen to your chart. Listen to the transits too.

And think of your body (Virgo) as your orchard and review (retrograde) how you care for it.

Another thought: Uranus rules your wishes and the Sun and Mercury are in Aquarius so MAKE ONE or two. Because Mars *will* go direct and there will be earth trines to be had and there will be action (Mars) and opportunity (Jupiter).

Are you expanding? Contracting? Neither? 


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