The Stars Today: The Scorpio Moon And A Subway Story

"new moon in aquarius 2012"
the scorpio moon meets the capricorn sun

How do you feel under a Scorpio Moon? 

Astrologers always told me I should follow the Moon cycle because I am a Cancer Sun and it wasn’t until I started studying astrology and doing astrology that I really paid attention.

The Scorpio Moon works nicely in my chart, receives trines and sextiles from my natal. Also a square from my Venus – but that’s not so bad, considering how bad bad can be.

What people often report with the Scorpio Moon is how different, lighter they feel when the Moon moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius! Dark to light. And I feel it too.

Scorpio Moon brings us that bubbling under the surface feeling. Feelings we are nervous to face. A monster in the closet. Who turns out to be a mouse. Now in New York City, you don’t want monsters or mice in your closet, but you get my point.

I wrote the following last night while on the subway: Virgo Moon Meets Scorpio Moon:

I’m on the subway. Rainy day in the Big City. Heading to return my cell phone to the store and watching a woman file her nails and wondering what makes people desire to groom themselves in public.

I want to say to the lady: please don’t touch your body here. This is the train. This is the public. Your body is private. Leave it alone, please.

I’ve even seen people clip their toenails on public transportation, floss their teeth. A man peeing between subway cars. I think I’ve probably seen everything but tampon insertion.

And how do those women so expertly apply their mascara and eyelash curling tools without poking their eyes out? 

Virgo Moons can be fussy. Scorpio Moons can be vengeful. Will I say anything to this woman? Of course not. It’s not my place and Virgo Moon, the servant, knows her place. And it IS a public place so as long as it’s not against the law, you can floss and file and clip and brush all day long.

When the Moon is in Scorpio though, we gravitate towards the secret, the private, don’t you think? Scorpio is not a spill-the-beans kind of Moon and yet the subway is a spilled beans kind of place.

There is no privacy in the Big City says Virgo Moon under the Scorpio Moon

Other news: the Moon is sextile the Sun: a pleasant feeling, if nothing else. Some harmony for the day, which we shouldn’t underestimate.

And the Moon is sextile Mars: a good working energy. You may not hate your job today as much as later on when the Moon in Sagittarius squares Virgo and you rather be outside playing.

What’s your favorite Moon?


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