The Stars Today: The Pisces Fog

"venus square pluto"

Let me tell ya, the energy I am feeling around me and “in the air” is so intense it’s a challenge even to this Moon Pluto person, partly because I feel it’s mostly not mine. If that’s possible. But I am receiving it.

Both Saturn and Mars retrograde feels like stuck in the mud but it’s not really mud. It’s a sewer. Sound like Pluto? Venus is square Pluto and I can unproudly say I was stuck in the Venus Pluto sewer yesterday, the worst side of this aspect.

The retrograde Mars and Saturn feel like “no ground to be found” — it’s all shifting, but shifting in the wrong direction, backwards: the past. Old issues, old traumas, old old old, which is Saturn’s province.

And the Pisces planets are fogging and confusing. Escape appears to not be an option.

On the good side (dramatic pausesearching for the good side…)

On the good side… life cannot remain in flux forever. We do land eventually. The feathers settle.

Where I’m sitting right now is quiet and I am going to tune in to that. Even the cats are quiet. Outside a few birds. I hardly even hear any sound from my own house or the neighbors even. The weather is quiet in that gloomy no sun way.

I am a Moon Pluto person I say to myself. In the 1st House! I resurrect and I rebirth. You can cut off my head but another one grows.

It’s the process of growth itself that is often painful… especially when you can’t find the lesson. Saturn is retrograde. Lessons are on hold, meaning… the ultimate MEANING of it all, of this time period… we can’t fathom it now. But we will. Later.

I pulled a Tarot card and I got the Knight of Wands. There is movement despite the retrogrades and maybe that’s the discomfort. Life IS moving ahead while planets, energy are going back.  Can make you feel dizzy but this tells me not to leave the past behind. It’s not an option actually. We bring our whole selves with us every time.  In other words, integration. 

Let the Moon in Sagittarius be your light today, should you need one i.e. PERSPECTIVE.


And yes, I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon in Pisces

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