The Stars Today: The Moon In Cancer Is Touching You

"full moon in leo 2012"

Cancer rules sensitivity so expect to feel um a little touchy while the Moon is in Cancer. And expect that mood to change from touchy to… something else.

And, yes, you guessed it! The Moon is opposing Pluto as I write this. A couple degrees off but damn I know I feel it when it’s applying! How about you?

Today’s Moon Pluto opposition tells me that… some Pluto person is gonna bug you today. Or some Moony person. Or both. In either case, it’s a force from outside you telling you to SIT DOWN. And maybe it’s YOU talking to YOU (ha!). Why “sit down?” Because the Moon is our feelings and Pluto wants to control them or sieve them or bleed them. Someone’s not getting served in this scenario and Cancerian tantrums are likely!

Want some good news? The Moon will trine Venus in Pisces which is a sweet mother-lover energy (realizing that phrase may freak you out but we fear not the taboo in moonplutoland).



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