The Stars Today: The Good Earth

"moon in taurus"

Look at the sky: Sun in Earth, Moon in Earth, Mars in Earth, Jupiter and Pluto: Earth.

How strong do you feel? How strong do you want to feel? 

I didn’t feel so well today. Took off from my other job but at some point in the afternoon, I felt my mind come together and returned to finish in-progress readings and start some new ones.

Baruch Hashem (“Blessed is his name” i.e. Thank God) as my people say 🙂

The day is over now, the work day is over, so I thought I’d take a look at the Stars Today, and not review the day, but look, just look, and noticed, once again, the Heavenly Earth we’ve got.

While the Moon is finishing up her time in Taurus, find the beauty in your world. I promise you it’s there even when it’s sliver-size, like the eye of a needle. It’s in your body, to name just one place you can find it.

I feel endings, things changing, forward moving, all our personal planets are in the mid to late degrees which signals the shifting. We’re almost done. With what? And we’re beginning. What? 

Earlier today, I came home from a walk around the corner to the bagel place and shared with my roommate how I was feeling. That even though I was sick, I felt strong underneath, my bones, my muscles, core, inside —  felt strong. That the sickness was temporary, something overlaid, a transparency. It was an interesting feeling, to notice this. To notice my own good earth.

And a funky thing I noticed for you mathy, gematria type peeps, Pluto is half the Sun now i.e. Pluto is at 7 Capricorn and the Sun is at 14! So there!

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