The Stars Today: The Clinging

For those having a hard time there is such a thing call grace. It leaks out of the trees. Maybe you can’t feel this. Not today. That you live in a world without mercy and I know that inconsolable feeling. HOWEVER, if you can even for one minute. Okay, one second of peace today… know that you can stretch it out, keep stretching out, the infinite bubble gum of life 🙂

I have on my lap Trakl’s Complete Poems and it’s delusional to think I’ll find a poem in here to cheer you so I must look elsewhere 🙂

I recently bought a couple books on the I Ching and I am as novice as a novice can be. I get fascinated by the words. For example: Hexagram 30: Li/THE CLINGING, FIRE

I know intuitively that this is what you need now. The clinging, fire, like the Tarot Wands or the Star, something in the distance, a Jupiterian goal or vision. Don’t let it out of your sight.

“The image of hexagram Li is that of fire clinging to the wood that it burns. Without a supply of fuel, there can be no fire. Likewise, a person without a source of spiritual sustenance cannot give off light in dark and challenging times.”

And this is a very Libran hexagram. One of my books calls it “Synergy.” Working together. Cooperation. Do this with your God, whoever, whatever, your God is. Make a deal. I was writing about this the other day. That I made a deal with God for what if THE WORST happened but not if THE BEST happened. Disaster dodged.

As I type this, the Moon is in Cancer and Venus is square Mars. Mercury enters Scorpio tomorrow.

Venus square Mars: what you desire/want vs. what makes you hot. Think of your relationship. Are you in love but not sexually attracted? Sexually attracted but don’t feel that depth of love?

Venus square Mars can’t get it right, starts to feel hopeless but my advice is to look for the third term. Get out of the way of this square. Let Venus and Mars have it out on their own and you look :::over here::: to the starry vast because the solution is not actually in your pants. It never was.

Love, MP

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