The Stars Today: Thankful?

"alone on thanksgiving"Busy sky, folks!

Today the Sun enters Sagittarius and Venus enters Scorpio. I am happy for this shift. We are under the growing Mars Uranus Pluto t-square (i.e. it’s not exact yet but we often feel transits *more* when they are applying) which is stressful and Sagittarius is a fire sign, yummy warm, and wants to take you out instead of letting you brood at home (well, depending on the Sag). My life, for some ungodly reason, has always been filled with Sagittarius friends. They would chase me out of my crab shell-hell and eventually I’d give in.

Are you also a water/earth person who has fire in their life? Or vice versa? 

The Moon is in idealistic Pisces today and squares Jupiter this morning so you may actually eat more today than on Thanksgiving Day itself! Moon = food. Jupiter = a lot! On Thanksgiving the Moon is void of course (don’t make any promises!) until it enters Aries in the evening. This could cause some confusion, especially with Mercury retrograde. If you have new friends coming to visit you for a holiday meal, make sure you gave them the right address!

Overall it’s a sweet day, lots of trines, lots of Neptune 🙂 and this will help balance out (will it? Maybe) the bombs going off in your life a.k.a. Mars conjunct Pluto and square Uranus. Try not to fight with your family or the food on your plate or your body.

In my astrology class, years ago, this woman used to talk about feeling Mars Pluto transits in her body and Mars Uranus is an “accident” aspect so just be careful. Wear your oven mitts. Dismantle any bombs you find. I’m not predicting doom and gloom for anyone reading here but Pac Man comes to mind.

And if you are alone on Thanksgiving, be thankful for that. Really. That you are free to choose and this is a freedom that few have. You can make yourself at home anywhere. Yes I know you may desire the binds and obligations like the neighbors have, but trust me, there’s enough pain to go around and they got plenty of it.

I shouldn’t end on such a somber note so let’s draw one card for the day AFTER Thanksgiving 🙂

The High Priestess. She doesn’t have all the answers but she can do magic.



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