The Stars Today: Taurus Takes Possession!

"sun opposition saturn"

Except for Mercury in Pisces, it’s an unsympathetic sky and the crown of this unsympathetic sky, or the slap, is Sunday’s  Sun Saturn opposition, which is already so very much in orb.

Now I say all that and then notice the Jupiter Moon trine but it’s still Moon in politic Capricorn who can be afraid to feel anything at all.

I think to myself: what’s the opposite of Unsympathetic Sky?

The Sheltering Sky comes to mind, that famous Paul Bowles book (Note to self: look up his chart).

So perhaps the comfort here is in pondering the upcoming New Moon in Taurus, a New Start for you around the Taurus house in your chart, as well as your natal Venus.

Even if Saturn in Libra is oppressing you, the New Moon in Taurus will freshen your Venus – think fields! Think daisies! Think 2nd House which rules freedom!

Basically? I think the instruction is to go outside, make contact with the ground, your feet on the ground.

I remember, years ago, on a work field trip (long story there) and lying in the grass, smiling, looking up at the sun, the soft green blades surrounding me, outlining me. Twenty years ago and I still remember that moment.

Find your patch of grass, okay? Find some peace and rest there. Move slowly through the weekend, move slowly through the week towards the New Moon in Taurus.

Do you have a Taurus in your life?


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