The Stars Today: Sun Sextile Chiron

I’ve been writing about acupuncture lately, which I sought for a problem that developed (i.e. couldn’t ignore it anymore) this year but of course Mr. Lee isn’t just going to put one needle in one point. He’s going to take into account the entire body. Needles so far in my forehead, ear, hands, arms, feet, legs, stomach. I must look like a fucking pin cushion. I can’t look. I have a needle phobia. Have I mentioned that part yet?

And my acupuncture sessions lead me to tremendous emotional release (a topic I was also writing about on Christmas) which wasn’t why I sought out Mr. Lee in the first place. I thought I was dealing with the physical body only. Yeah right. As if.  I’d prefer that a physical symptom be just that. Easily treated. Getting well can feel like an impossible dream.

But what I wanted to mention today is this: how just a couple days ago I was wishing there were a therapist on site to help process the feelings right after acupuncture BUT I realized today (drumroll please!) the release itself is the point. The release itself (tears, qi moving again) has value. THAT is the healing. Do you get what I’m saying because I just barely do. The release ITSELF heals. The processing/thinking is optional and may or may not lead you anywhere.

It’s like pee 🙂 You have to pee. You have to get it out. You don’t sit there and analyze (yes I have my Moon in Virgo) the contents and history of that particular pee, what you ate, what you drank. Sometimes the processing is a delay tactic, delays the healing. The body wants to hold on to its sickness until it is prodded into letting it go. Until the body knows, believes, it is OKAY to let it go.

So my question today for you isn’t about the current sky although the current sky includes Mars getting ready to move into my AHA 6th House of health and healing 🙂 my question is this: what does health look like for you? Do you think about it? Are you having a 12th House or 6th House transit? Or a 1st House transit?

Suddenly I also realize that the more I release these… children… thinking of trapped emotions in the body as my children, the more I let them go, the more I stop holding on, the clearer I’ll be able to see.

We have a Full Moon in Cancer on Friday and she’ll oppose (fight with, refuse emotional balance with) Sun Pluto in Capricorn.  Pluto on the Sun intensifies the ego/identity/self of self while making it feel like shit. Pluto is the death drive and conjunct the Sun creates enormous strength desire will, will power, but easy for it turn paranoid tyrannical. Uranus in Aries squares this trinity. It’s a bad, very bad, dinner party. Somebody (or everybody) goes home crying. Doesn’t have to be you though. You can be the one to send the consoling message, the one who reaches out.

Before we get to that point though, the Sun in Capricorn is sextiling Chiron (right now) which is appropriate for my healing journey and yours too. The Sun is you. Chiron in Pisces is the Christ (and I mean that universally, in an Edgar Cayce way).

If you find yourself at a loss on Full Moon day, be Libra (as I was mentioning before). Grace under pressure. And who knows? Quite possible 7 Cancer is well aspected in your chart and that will soften any stress. Saturn in Scorpio trines the Full Moon. Your emotions are real. Your instincts are right on. I’m trying to think of a suggestion, a ritual, for you and what comes to mind is that movie Like Water For Chocolate. Remember the scene where the girl cries into the dish she’s making. Do that but in reverse. Not tears of heartache, but of freedom. To quote Elizabeth Bishop: rainbow rainbow rainbow and I let the fish go!



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