The Stars Today: Sun Opposition Uranus

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don't be alone in Libra Season

And today’s big news? The Sun is opposing Uranus.

Sun in Libra, Uranus in Aries. Sun moves fast. Uranus moves slow. Dizzy yet?

Are the changes coming too fast for you to handle, to process? Well, sit down. It’s okay to sit down.  Actually, it’s more than okay.

Uranus is the “expect the unexpected” planet. Unpredictable. Isabel Hickey called it the one planetary energy we cannot control.

The same keywords arise: it’s too fast, too sudden, too crazy, too much.  Isabel Hickey also wrote that Uranus is the “higher octave” of Mercury. So think about that. THINK. Intuition. Mental shortcuts that get to the truth. Ever notice that the Uranians among us are pretty damn tuned-in? Electric. That’s another Uranus keyword as in people with Venus Uranus contacts in their natal charts usually have some shocking (or shockingly attractive) quality that draws you in. And we find them absorbing but absorbing like a flash of lightening. Here today, gone tomorrow. Uranus is fast.

Sun opposition Uranus square Pluto: what are you losing? what insight are you gaining? who is coming and who is going? who is leaving, who is healing, who is knowing, who is carrying you. We always set intentions for the New Moon but I say set an intention for Sun opposing Uranus. It might help you… hold on a little better.

I keep having an image in my mind of a whirling carousel, horses bobbing up and down at different speeds.

If the Sun is who you are, then Uranus is the stranger. Friend or foe? You’ll find out. But then what?

I feel this Sun Uranus opposition is the build-up to the New Moon in Libra. Your foundation is cracking and the New Moon will deposit you where you need to be.

And this too: don’t be afraid of what’s to come. Look to Uranus as a friendly flag waving. Hello! Over here! Your new life! I’m shaking you up! Hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on!

Yeah, look in your chart for the Libra Sun and Uranus in Aries in the opposite corner. These houses, these areas of life are ALIVE for you right now, vitally ALIVE. You can make great change, great progress. Progress is Aquarian, Uranian! It is NEW. You must move forward. I know you don’t want to. I’m sorry.

But Mars in Leo sextiles the Sun in Libra and trines Uranus in Aries so… make sure to smile a big big big big big big big Leo smile. With teeth. Like a proud lion. After the kill.


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