The Stars Today! Sun! Mercury! Other Stuff!

"mercury retrograde in sagittarius 2011
Sun conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius

The Sun and Mercury Retrograde are conjunct in Sagittarius. Are your Saggy friends walking backwards yet? Changing their minds? Well, they will change. Just you wait…

This is not the time to decide. That time will come. As well, the Moon makes/made some stressy aspects today, squares, so get your tears flowing, if you need to.

I ran into an old friend today on the street. Well, not really a friend-friend but the father of a family I spent some time with, 10 years ago, when I first moved to the Big City.

He looked at me, wondering where my changes were. See, his older kids are, well, grown now, married with babies, but some changes you cannot see. He couldn’t understand how I measure time, everything that’s happened, relationships, moves, damages, deaths, spiritual change, work… That I studied for years not expecting, not dreaming that I would be doing THIS and yet… the seeds were always there.

This is an old story in the lives of women: if you don’t have children, you don’t quite exist, you aren’t really alive. He didn’t say this but… he is a traditionally religious man. He wanted to help in his nosy way, kept asking questions: are you working? have a boyfriend, etc… I wound up telling him a little of what was going on because he kept asking. When he had to go, I was relieved. Sounds like Moon squares to me. I was wearing my sunglasses. I was safe from emoting. I took out my last Marlboro Red and it was good.

That was the past come to talk to me. Mars in Virgo just off my South Node. Fuck you, past. I’m moving on.

So the Moon squared Pluto this morning, early. And the Moon will square Venus this afternoon. And Mercury will square Mars.

Edgy, itchy, calm down. 

And then roll out the carpet for the trines: Moon trine Mercury, Moon trine Sun. Aries Moon, that is.

Now the Moon in Aries may not make you weepy. It may make you jumpy instead. Whatever the case is, don’t jump too fast or too far today. Let the day unwind around you. Let it show you what’s in its pockets. Could be something in there for ya.

Are you retrograding? Or moving forward? 

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