The Stars Today: Sun In Cancer

"mercury trine neptune"

In my youth, I was a poet. Nothing else but a poet. I could do nothing else. I was incapable. I had no Saturn. I was minus-Saturn.

And I found my first poetry class, in college, by accident. In those days, before computers, one stood on line to sign up for classes and Poetry Writing had a very short line from what I remember, if I remember correctly, that is.

It’s hot in the Big City today and I’m staying indoors with the air conditioning and started to read a thick poetry anthology edited by Harold Bloom and got stuck on something that Robert Frost said about the writing of poetry. He said: Why not have it imply everything?

And I began to wonder how I could apply this to blogging and astrology and readings, to widen it, make it as vast as my Mercury trine Neptune will allow.

And then my thoughts followed another trail and then another and then another, past, present, future, pondering, reflecting, which made me look up the word “reflecting” and I was delighted to find these synonyms: throw back, send back, cast back like snow reflecting light.

I don’t have a pithy question to ask here. Just a mood.

The Sun is in Cancer where nostalgia is an emotion.


Love, MP

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