The Stars Today: Sun In Aquarius!

"new moon in aquarius 2012"

I like today 🙂

There’s some really cool aspects flying around up there, for example: the Moon in Sagittarius squared Mars already and yes I am including that in one of the cool aspects.

Mutable squares: you don’t know which way they’re gonna go, a sense of unpredictability — Sagittarius wants to expand your mind and Virgo wants you to pay attention to the details i.e. it’s funny to watch these two duke it out! Sagittarius laughs, Virgo grimaces and then they go another round.

The Sun enters Aquarius today and I keep tweeting about “the shock of the new,” stuff like that. But remember that Aquarius rules the wishes that you have and with the New Moon in Aquarius on the way……  (Yes yes after we slog through another Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto)

I command you to set intentions for this New Moon!

What? No commanding? Sun’s leaving Capricorn?


But seriously – set intentions that are uniquely YOU, uniquely YOURS. The 11th House opposes the 5th house and the 11th House is truly a service house, the house of the humanitarian AND YET it contains YOUR dreams, your wishes… opposing the 5th House of… your unique self expression so QUIT living and dreaming for everyone else for once. You be YOU. 

And how do you discover this elusive you? Yes. Indeed. How do *YOU* discover this… person, this soul, this being, this precious precious precious body that you are?


P.S. Yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon in Aquarius!

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