The Stars Today: Sun Enters Cancer!

"Sun in Cancer"

And I hearby welcome and announce the Sun in Cancer!

May I have some applause please? Not too loud though, don’t wake the baby! What baby? The baby Sun of course!

It is also the Summer Solstice. The days begin to get shorter, good news for all you winter lovers in my part of the world, ha! Today it’s supposed to get HOT in the Big City and we’ve had a very un-hot June.

Other Sky-news:

Mercury squares Saturn today: you may not want to speak. You may not feel allowed to speak. I may not want to blog ๐Ÿ˜‰ Your thoughts may feel harsh to you. Your feelings? Even harsher. Mercury is in Cancer and Saturn is in Libra. Not a lovers’ quarrel but a lovers’ silent treatment!

A square in Cardinal signs means you can *work through it* unlike a fixed square whichย feels likeย it will not move or change no matter what and Mercury is the winged messenger anyway so I’m notย real worried about this aspect. Just keep it in mind. If someone hurts your feelings, don’t get all Cancerian about it. Let it move through you… like a bullet grazing your ear sails through the air.


Venus sextiles Uranus today: Venus is your love nature and Uranus is inventive and tends to shock or surprise. These two working together in pleasant sextile will give you insight into a love or money issue that has been doggin’ you since Venus went retrograde.

Mercury square Saturn *may* slow down the flow but I think the message of Venus sextile Uranus will come through loud and clear.

Got questions about today’s sky? Ask away!

I’m not sure whether I will keep signing my posts. What do you guys think? Do you like me signing them?

Love, MP

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