The Stars Today: Sun Conjunct Pluto (part one)

"sun conjunct pluto"

“No one’s telling you how to live your life, but it’s a set up, until you’re fed up.” –Madonna (Leo Sun/Virgo Moon)

How do you live? By doing? Or by waiting? A combo? Like a restaurant menu? Do you make change or does change come to you? No judgement. Just curious.

The Sun is conjunct Pluto today (one degree past it now) and on Twitter I recommended that people follow Pluto, the yin way, and not the Sun, the yang way, if they were facing stressful situations or uncomfortable feelings today. Capricorn is hard enough, ya?

The Sun is your ego. The Sun is who you are. The Yin here, Pluto, is what the Sun fell into. Thus ’twas better to just… fall.  To leave it alone.

What I wanted was for people to resist the urge to burn it all down and no we’re not dealing with fire signs here but Pluto is the destroying urge in order to rebuild… the unstoppable urge to make change, to take away and replace and this can be devastating psychologically… that you’ve torn it all apart. And you didn’t really want to.

Raise your hand if you’ve done shit like this. I have.

This morning was tense for me. I felt dread, like some others I was chatting with. I talked to a Cancer friend on the phone but otherwise did my work (Sun in Capricorn).

The feeling passed. That’s the main thing here. It passed.

And you?


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