The Stars Today: Sun Conjunct Pluto (part 2)

"moon pluto conjunction"
well, lady gaga has a moon pluto conjunction

Today’s stream (of consciousness):

Meditation on Sun conjunct Pluto and how you should/could vomit it and again this was something I was tweeting (more and more I like Twitter).

Pluto: the slow burn a.k.a. Things Fall Apart

BUT, hear me out: The Sun threw its light on PlutoΒ in that it was the Sun moving closer to Pluto to make the conjunction thus… illumination!

And this means/meant you can/could FINALLY see how Pluto operates in your chart/life (transiting or natal).Β 

Still, today’s Sun Pluto conjunction made me want to vomit. See, Pluto is the Great Purge! The Great Cleanse! Pluto transits and YOU LOSE.

Wherever Pluto is transiting for you, there will be power struggle, intensity, longing and obsession, death and change and new babies born in that house of your chart. Metaphorical babies everywhere! And maybe a real one or two.. Shifting, disorienting movement, dizzy-making like food poisoning. Pluto rules shit, right?

Pluto rules THE BIG HURL.

Well, I hope you got through the morning okay. I didn’t check my chart from this morning to see what else may have been happening to me personally but I know I felt this one. Damn Capricorn. Damn Saturn.

(Oh. Wait. You want me to talk about the high side of Pluto? You’re still alive, right? Isn’t that enough?)

Got to say though… the day has ended sweeter than it began. Must be that Moon in Pisces, ya?



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