The Stars Today: Sun Conjunct Neptune

"sun conjunct neptune"

Moon is in Aquarius: there’s a chill in the air to offset the dreamy Sun Neptune conjucntion, the Sun now in Pisces. Talk about dramatic! To enter your sign and crash into one of the biggies! But it’s a soft crash, a gauzy crash, the crash of the Mystic and the escape artist. Houdini would be proud of an aspect like this!

How’s your day been? 

And what about this Aquarius Moon? Thinking before feeling? Thinking instead of feeling? Not necessarily. The Moon is what you need to feel secure. The Moon in Aquarius needs freedom to feel secure, to feel at home.

The Moon in Aquarius squares Jupiter in Taurus now, a fixed freaky square but we like the Moon and we like Jupiter so the only thing to fear is emotional (Moon) excess (Jupiter) itself which I think will check itself because Taurus goes slow and the Aqua Moon is gonna hold back, hold in.

Mercury in Pisces: continue to dream, the sky supports this

Venus in Aries: is your love life on fire?

Mars in Virgo but retrograde: details are out of focus but which ones? (It’s your love life, isn’t it!)

Overall? I’d say it was a day to take it easy. And it’s not too late to make it a stress-free night.

Un-Pluto yourself is the image that comes to mind. Wherever the intensity is in your life now, wherever the willfullness is, whatever it is you have in a stranglehold? Loosen your grip. Pisces dissolves what it touches, they say, including boundaries.

How will you celebrate the Sun now in Pisces? 

It’s a 7th House transit for me. I’m going out for a stroll.


Yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon in Pisces and I’m adding in Tarot these days too (for those who desire it). Guess I’m in a Tarot mood lately 🙂

And for info about my usual, longer readings, look here!