The Stars Today: Sun And Moon In Libra

"new moon in libra"I’ve got so many thoughts in my head, bickering for dominance this morning: the insidiousness of Neptune. The difference between where you are now and where you want to be. Chiron. What to do about Chiron. And then the feeling that I need to write about the current sky, tomorrow’s New Moon in Libra.

You know what? That entire list points back to Neptune and Pisces and relationships. Reality vs. fantasy. Transiting Chiron is conjunct my descendent and I wanted to call this blog post “What Do We Do About Chiron” but instead I’ll focus on THIS moment. Or try to 🙂

The Sun is in Libra. Are your partnerships on your mind? Who you have? Who you’ve lost? Uh-oh, I’ve gone serious again 😉

Looking back, and it wasn’t that long ago, since Saturn is only at 0 degrees Scorpio, but looking back at Saturn in Libra is… it was a mirror (Libra). It was about *their needs*. And for me, it wasn’t REAL. It was illusion, artifice (Venus). Saturn in Scorpio will be real. And it will be darker. I say this now. Let’s see how we feel in three years 😉

Saturn limits and tests. Was Saturn in Libra testing our relationships? Or was it about creating the tallest biggest fattest illusion we could find? And then nailing it to the wall.

So with the coming New Moon in Libra, why not think about what you want from the other people in your life. Start there. What you want. Even if you feel foolish making a wish list or setting intentions. Do it anyway. What I want are solid people. Does this mean I need to be more solid to get more solid. Honestly, I feel pretty solid. Solid but a bit sad. Saturn entering my 3rd House has been a shift so remarkable, even though it’s not doing anything “bad” in my chart, I feel it. And sad isn’t bad but it is a heavy stone and I will sculpt it.

Set an intention for what you want (insert idea here) to look like. And then imagine it. I dare you. When I stop to try to do this exercise for a few seconds, I realize how hard it is. If you can’t in fine detail imagine what you want most, that may mean that deep inside you don’t think it’s possible or you have so much loss around the possibility or reality of it that…  It’s like not knowing what a mountain is. Someone needs to explain it to you. And then you need to see it for yourself. In YOUR life.

But you know what? Miracles happen. Out of the blue good stuff happens. It’s the moments in between, most of the moments, that need our love.

The Sun and the Moon are in Libra. Sun is body. Moon is soul.  Now what?

What are your relationships made of? 



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