The Stars Today: STRONG, SOLID: Moon Sextile Saturn & Trine Pluto

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I felt sad this morning. Not sad. I can’t find the word.

The deeply wistful? Missing family. LONGING.

But wait no, not longing.

More like… a memory imbued with deep feeling but not longing and not nostalgia.

I NEED A NEW WORD. I was remembering myself from a certain age in a certain time and place and the hopes I had then and the illusions I had then, and how much things had changed but NOT wishing I was back there and also trying to situate myself in the present. How much things had changed. Who I was then. Who I am now. THERE MUST BE A GERMAN WORD FOR THIS.

And I did something different with it. Instead of forcing myself to DO something with it, like write a poem. I just felt it. And then made a video for Rosh Hashanah. See, feelings move on their own. We don’t need to wrestle them to the ground. Sometimes we don’t even need to create a monument to them. Sometimes we just acknowledge their presence. Hello, feeling. Thank you.


Doing readings is not easy for me, but I love it.

I am not a jealous person but sometimes I do get jealous of those for whom it is “easy” — the ideas or words just fly out of them. I work slowly, quietly, deeply, sometimes painfully. It is worth it though.

Just now wrapping up with someone who was asking about a couple of key transits. When I talk about a person’s chart it’s never a cookbook interp. Of course keywords may play a part but what I see is particular to that person.

“You know how I’m reading this? Healing energy. Healing from the inside out. Like inside you is a radiant glowing husk and it… has been covered over for years, centuries… and just now, since this transit began, finally your light is emerging. From way deep down inside you. YEARS from this lifetime but also LIFETIMES. I believe this.

You MUST consult inner guidance (all her transits are 12th House involved) to know what to do next. That’s what I feel this transit is about the most. About trusting yourself and your instincts.

On a mundane level? You know you MUST change but aren’t clear how. That’s the Neptune part. Your work, your health (i.e. sobriety). 6th House involvement here. 12th/6th axis. This transit no doubt matches up with that timeframe, say, when Neptune got closer or perhaps it may even match up with Neptune stationing.

Far as Venus Uranus goes… well Uranus is exciting but also can be erratic. In a trine though… more stable. Or easier to deal with any off/on energy. You go with the fire flow. But Uranus is creativity. I think… with Venus trine Uranus you finally figure out how to make your Venus happy. You become a Genius at Love. It’s about believing you CAN be happy. I think this is a new thought for you. To truly believe it is possible.”

One other thing though–
it is so easy to tell someone TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS but when you see massive 12th House action like this… you know you must tell them, you must make sure they KNOW that the inner guidance comes from Divine guidance.

Trusting ourselves… especially for those who have known trauma… it’s fucking hard. I see this over and over with clients. I see it in myself.


Happy Rosh Hashanah y’all. Have a sweet beautiful New Year to all my supporters and readers here

Love, MP

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