The Stars Today: Stay Busy!

Someone, somewhere, is wrestling his coat to the ground.

It is springtime in the city. The city wakes up. Block after block of blooming. Do you feel new?

I already posted about the juicy week ahead in general so let’s talk about right now, this evening, and tomorrow.

The Moon is in analytical Virgo. But no big picture windows please. Just the details.

The Moon will trine Pluto, inconjunct Mercury, oppose Chiron, and square Jupiter before going void of course tonight.

So many different aspects happening here but my advice is to… not be a slacker! Even though it’s Sunday afternoon (as I write this), get done as much as you can.

Moon trine Pluto is emotional strength. The inconjunct to Mercury in Aries is an “I don’t feel like it.” Details you rather not deal with. The opposition to Chiron is this theme repeated but more emotional. A minor nervous breakdown around 8pm EST 😉 And then comes the square to Jupiter. It only gets bigger.

Jeez. I’m sorry. This doesn’t sound like an evening to take charge, does it? Take charge LIKE A VIRGO. I’m recommending you stay BUSY even if that Moon Chiron aspect is a shitty phone call or a sad song or dust motes, too many goddamn dust motes.

Tomorrow we’re under Venus Saturn all day (an opposition). Actually we’re under this now, we’re in orb. It’s not pretty. Well, maybe it is (it’s Taurus(, but it’s cruel (Saturn) too. And cold. And when you want a hug from Venus, a stinging remark from Saturn in Scorpio is gruel instead of your Lucky Charms.

You may feel oppressed, thwarted, hopeless, victimized, frozen… but feel the fear and do it anyway. Get close anyway. To what scares you. Not to banish it but to get to know it better (paraphrasing Pema Chodron).

Love, MP


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