The Stars Today: Solve It!

"moon in aquarius"Check this out:

Sun in Leo. Fire. Moon in Aquarius, air. We just had a Full Moon.

Mercury in Leo, retrograde. Fire. Venus in Gemini. Air. Mars in Libra. Air. Jupiter in Gemini too. Air! Uranus in Aries! Fire!

Inspiration, feeling excited, new ideas, enthusiasm, moving forward, generosity, communication, being social, being busy, feeling not all… gunked up, like usual 😉

I was writing on Facebook that under this sky, insight and ideas are a given. Creativity. Figuring it out. There’s a speed to it too.

Fire and air, to this water and earth girl, is an immediate, tangible connection. Lightening fast and organized because of the harmony. The circuit has been connected. Problem solving could feel quite effortless.

This morning I finally figured out what I want to tweak on my Readings page. It had been going round and round in my head for a while now and this morning it finally came together.

What are you experiencing? Same? 

Love, MP

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