The Stars Today: Saturn Trine Neptune

"saturn trine neptune"
which way?

I realize that this blog and the work I do here is a lesson in patience which in astrological terms becomes a lesson in Saturn.

I do these long readings by email and we go back and forth. That takes patience. I read their messages. They read my messages. Around we go. There’s nothing fast about it. It’s process. It’s slow.

In the Tarot, the Chariot card is associated with Cancer (my Sun) and that dude is in a hurry and that’s how I feel – impatient, hard to slow down. I might miss something. Or I might have to… see what’s there, everything that’s still undone. Like a pile of unwrapped presents. I mean, we can’t live in ourselves ALL the time. It’s crushing. We need to look away at times.

Staying busy can also be a form of escape and I am trying to force myself not to go to the gym. Forcing myself to take a break. That rest is as valid as not-rest and I know this but… when I go to the gym, I forget all my worries and when I sit and slow down, they come back.

And yet on the treadmill, I’m not about speed but about endurance. I try to go for a long time because it feels good to my heart and I escape.

So it’s a contradiction. I hurry to the gym to slow down. I work hard to be free.

This is reminding me of Saturn and Neptune — these planets are in opposition in my chart. The hard work and the dream. How do they find each other?

Saturn and Neptune together are all about bringing heaven (Neptune) down here (Saturn). Making the ideal (Neptune) real (Saturn).

And Saturn is trining Neptune now, up there. See?

Are you impatient? Do you hurry to slow down? 

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