The Stars Today: Saturn Trine Chiron

Yes, my darlings, it *really* is about healing.

Healing through exposing your hurts. Your heart. Your opening.

Like when you got the doctor (a good doctor!) and she asks you: where does it hurt.

Or when your Beloved asks you: where does it hurt.

And you tell them. Here. And here. And you feel listened to.

And you begin to solve it. DEEPLY. That is Saturn in Scorpio trine Chiron in Pisces. Your healing (Scorpio/Pluto) has NO LIMITS (Pisces).

Venus enters Aries tonight at 11:15 PM in the Big CIty and at 8:15 pm in the desert 🙂 (West Coast!).

Moon is void of course all day in Cancer and enters Leo just before midnight (West Coast).

Friday: Mars is conjunct Uranus (Sun and Venus right behind – it’s a stellium) but we are feeling this now and hmm I drew one card for this energy: The Hermit

You *will* find the guidance, the truth, you need these days of early awesome fast and bright cardinal (dynamic) sweet soldier Aries BUT slow down. The Hermit is still. Don’t get pushed and pulled along by the massive Mars Uranus fire wave. Slow down. THINK. Turn on a light. See what’s there. You’ll find the Sun and Venus there. You’ll find yourself. You’ll find love.

Love, MP


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