The Stars Today: Saturn Sextile Pluto

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Okay Star Lovers, GOOD MORNING 🙂 from the Big City 🙂 Tonight the Saturn Pluto sextile is exact. What does this mean for you? Well, sextiles are one of the “good” or “soft” aspects in astrology, harmonious, compatible elements. In this case, water and earth.

The interesting thing is that we’re not dealing with happy dappy do planets 🙂 We’re dealing with the Lord of Karma, Saturn, and Lord of the Underworld Pluto *and* they are in mutual reception, which, in layman’s terms means they support each other even more than an average sextile. It’s like… you need to put out a fire in your life (the fire of your natal Pluto and your natal Saturn) and hell yes you are putting it out and you have all the help you need and the water pressure is perfect and everyone and everything is safe. The fire was not just a bad dream but you are doing what needs to be done. YOU are a STRONG woman (or man or beast ;))

So the two houses in your chart where you find Saturn and Pluto (the areas of life where you find these transiting planets) are truly in sync at this time, like a metaphysical backrub 🙂 His hands, your body.  This is a flow of energy in your life, back and forth between these two houses, no glitches in the system or nagging coughs. It just MOVES.  Perhaps you’ve been working hard on a project (of any kind) and finally you get some results or see progress.

Both Saturn and Pluto breakdown and build. Although the changes can be confusing, painful, Saturn Pluto transits are GOD talking to you. At least with the sextile, God’s speaking in his (her) inside voice!


Find 9 degrees in your chart because Saturn and Pluto may be aspecting some of your personal goodies! Other news: Mars is now in futuremind Aquarius. Cause a revolution in the Aquarius part of your chart 🙂

Anecdotal: in my limited experience, Mars in Aquarius can be perfectly happy with internet sex (versus sex in the flesh). Or at least that they are comfortable with the distance, the remove. What’s your experience?



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