The Stars Today: Repair

"moon in gemini"Some things cannot be repaired.

I was thinking this over and over in my mind as I was waking up this morning, trying to remember my exact phrase (because that’s not it) and now I can’t.

“Some things cannot be fixed?” “Set right?” What was the word I was using? 

Venus was trine Neptune yesterday and I felt the dream dying. Neptune is your ideal. I felt the death of the dream. That’s not usually how a trine works, trines are positive energy, but this transit made me see HOW I dream. The extent of my dreaming. Fantasy. Illusion. Delusion. Choosing the dream over what is real. 

I was Tweeting a lot about Venus Neptune last night. You can find me on Twitter here by the way

I have Venus square Neptune in my natal chart. When two planets in the sky are having conversations that are similar to your natal, they say we feel it more, even if the aspect is different.

The Moon enters Gemini a bit after 4 pm, Big City time. It’s void of course before then i.e. NOW. It can be hard to get work done on a void of course Moon. You may feel a little drifty.

Also about the Moon in Gemini: you need people this weekend. You need people tonight. Even if the extent of your people is going to the market for eggs 😉

And the dream, dead or alive, will confront you again. The Moon in Gemini will sextile Mercury (nice!) tonight but then the Moon will also square Neptune. Beware. Beware of… losing a probable reality for an impossible fantasy.

Gemini always gives us a choice.

Next week is the New Moon in Leo. It is time for you to shine THERE. Where? Find 25 degrees Leo in your chart. In the class I will show folks how to do this in more detail.

What’s happening in your world? 

Love, MP

Yes! I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon in Leo!

P.S. There is still time to join the Private Class! We won’t begin until Tuesday or Wednesday next week. I’ll announce it. I may permit latecomers 🙂

But for folks who are on the fence who I’ve been in communication with, can you let me know this weekend? So I can admit you and do my paperwork LOL Virgo Moon paperwork 🙂 Here is a recent post about it but if you have questions, you can email me at

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