The Stars Today: People Change, Ex-Boyfriends Don’t

"moon in libra"

Saturn is now direct in the sign of Libra, the relationship sign. Venus, the planet of love, goes direct tomorrow in Gemini, the twins.

Have you been able to decide? Did you need to make a choice? Did Saturn going direct bring clarity at all? It hasn’t been that long, but I feel it. A deeper sense of certainty. An about face. Maybe. Wait until Venus direct for that maybe to become a YES.

I was being silly with my blog title here but there are questions beneath the surface: do people change? Have you changed? 

The Sun in Cancer is about your home, your memories of home, the home you want. When the Sun trined Neptune, you may have fantasized about your ideal home.

The Moon (home) in Libra will conjunct Saturn, but before that, she will trine Venus; Mercury now in Leo will make your thoughts bold and bright.

Maybe I’ve got a one-track mind today, but I think it’s the sky too. The sky want us “in love.” The sky want us “to” love. The sky want us to… get it right before Saturn leaves Libra for Scorpio.

It’s your choice really. Plumb the depths (Scorpio) alone or… not.


Love, MP

PS yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Capricorn!

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