The Stars Today: Paranoia, Isolation, And More!

Discussion on the message board about how we’re all feeling, many of us witnessing or being part of

-feeling ungrounded/unstable

-paranoia, isolation, confusion

-extreme emotions, confrontations

And more!

So I decided to look at The Stars Today and oh yes the only EARTH among the “personal planets” is the Moon in Capricorn and the Moon in Capricorn is not known for her cheerful, light-hearted countenance πŸ˜‰

Keyword for this Moon = DUTY.

What do you have to do today? I think if you look there, you’ll make out just fine. And yet I just noticed that the Moon is void of course already so… do your duty but don’t hold yourself to getting it all done. Go step by step while taking the pressure off. Whew.

It’s a long void of course Moon by the way. She enters Aquarius tomorrow afternoon in the Big City. Mercury conjunct Mars in Pisces doesn’t make it easier but doesn’t have to make it worse.

What you do is… go with the energy instead of fighting it. Again, do what needs to be done, but don’t seek perfection. Allow yourself to drift. Take a nap πŸ™‚ Or an aimless wandering.

Other notable applying aspects:

Venus square Saturn: it’s not as bad as you fear. Try not to lash out, try not to turn away.

Mars square Jupiter: a good aspect if you need a little oomph to get something done, like housework. Pisces to Gemini though so… choose a task that is not dependent on thoroughness or exactitude πŸ˜‰ And it has an eccentric vibe to me for some reason. Use this energy to do something out of your normal routine.

Cards for the this day, some wisdom for us: didn’t even shuffle yet. Just looked at the bottom of the pack and I saw our card: Death.

Don’t resist what must be. It isn’t always the bad or scary that we resist. We tend to fear any change, even opportunity, even love.

But let’s shuffle and draw one more:

Ooooh 7 of Swords: this fits the Death card nicely I think. What are you avoiding? I feel you wanting to pack it up and move along but there’s more work to do. Cute red socks by the way πŸ˜‰

Let’s pull one more: what do we need to know. Give us the wisdom, Tarot!

Temperance. Balance. EMOTIONAL balance. The more you are able to stay put (hello, meditation!) the more you can… get underneath the old mind/soul/heart habits that make you feel like you’re always on the run or at risk. (This goes back to my suggestion for the applying Mars Jupiter square so scroll up!)

But there’s more. This card is about other people. No lone-wolves here. Juliet Sharman-Burke has this to say:

Temperance stands for cooperation, successful blending of opposites and signifies compromise in marriage and partnerships. It is the card denoting balanced emotions.

Can you talk it out? Can you try? Can you share your feelings without… blaming or making them (or YOU) feel bad? EASIER SAID than done.

Hell is other peopleΒ wrote Sartre in No Exit and this is true (hehehe) and yet… here we are. Among them.

You know what I see though? You have a choice. You can go the 7 of Swords way or you can go the Temperance way. Either way, Death is here i.e. you must change.

You can’t keep doing it the same old way. Which sounds to me like Temperance should win. What do you think?

Blessed wishes for a Happy Thursday!


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