The Stars Today: Of Dreams And Limbs

"new moon in libra"A Twitter friend is taking a poll this morning.

Many of us had weird dreams last night. I did too.

The Moon was void of course in Virgo and still is. Her theory is that Saturn trine Neptune also had a part. Makes sense to me 🙂

I want to blog again though about love. I think I’ll be doing a series. A series with no organization other than that I’m doing it  🙂 and Venus is in Virgo so something needs fixing.

Here is what I got up to scribble on a piece of paper in the wee early morning hours:

When you love someone and you can’t be with them, for whatever reason, they become  a part of you like another limb. You live with it. You can think of it as an arm or a leg. Or a tree limb. I love tree of life imagery so I’m thinking of it that way. As an emanation, a sefira. It can’t be removed, only expressed.

And I tend to write about your love-feelings as being yours. Inspired by the other person but YOURS. And lately I’m thinking that the persistence of certain love-feelings inside me has more than one meaning.

You have a job to do while Venus is in Virgo. So do I. To fix this love. And the fixing can be either–

1. releasing it

2. holding it close (i.e. intense longing as an exorcism, could be for release or relief)

3. doing nothing, sitting still

You may even groom (Venus) your tree limb. Make sure it’s comfortable and looks nice. Treat it with respect. Don’t be critical of it. Build an altar to it. 

Side issue: 

Clients routinely come to me with internet love problems. It’s the world we live in. And I know of what they speak. I was involved in one of these too. In many cases, the love is real. It’s not your imagination. The connection is real. But it’s built on the un-real, fantasy. Not knowing what  the person smells like or the expressions they make, despite Skype calls 😉

My advice is this: don’t let it go on for too long without making it real because you are worth a real life and a real love. Go back to the library. Return the book. And be on your merry way. It may not make either of you bad people but the longer you prolong the fantasy cycle, the longer you… avoid a deeper connection. Saturn in Scorpio will not allow this. There is a limit, a formidable limit, to what you can do without a body close-by. Save the spirit interaction for you and your ancestors. And if it’s meant to be, then it will be. But not because you waited by your phone/text/email/Skype.

Of course this is just me. There are folks out there who may be totally satisfied with overly Neptune love. But I’ve got Saturn transiting my 3rd House and the 3rd House speaks. I will be preaching Saturn.

About the Stars Today: no exact aspects. Moon enters Libra in the evening. Tomorrow the Moon makes aspects to the usual suspects including opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto and trining Jupiter!

Best of all is Monday: Mars trines Uranus and the New Moon will be at 22 degrees Libra.

Did you have weird dreams last night? Do you have an extra limb? 



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