The Stars Today (Nov 27, 2011)

"mars in virgo 2011"

It’s the pile-up in Earth signs that got me thinking. Venus heading to conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Moon in Capricorn but past those degrees. Jupiter in Taurus, trining Venus. Mars in Virgo trining Pluto. Except for the Moon now, all within 8 degrees. All these folks are talking to each other and it’s good talk.

Do you feel strong or, well, even mildly indestructible? Unbroken.

Transits to our South Node can bring people from our past and transiting Mars is conjunct my South Node now. Yup, a dude. A dude with a life change and I can tell, I can feel it… he’s circling.

And I don’t know what it is about men but they don’t TALK. At least not the ones that I know. He could listen all day to my life but when I ask about his life he just says, “Oh it’s fine. Don’t worry.”

But I wasn’t worrying. I was making conversation. That’s what friends do. Ask about each other’s lives. The key though was to get specific. Once I asked how things were at home… that’s when I got the 411.

This relationship is friendship though, has been friendship for some time. It’s one of those “I love you but I’m not in love with you” kinda things. Let sleeping dogs lie


Still I found it remarkable, astrology-wise. Right on time. Sex (Mars) from the past (South Node)!

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