The Stars Today: Neptune, Mercury, And Chiron In Pisces

"mercury in pisces"

Neptune entering Pisces enters Chiron so to speak, enters the realm of Chiron, because Neptune entering Pisces enters conjunct Chiron.

Neptune at Zero and Chiron at 4 degrees Pisces. And Mercury moves fast but is currently almost at ONE degree Pisces.

This could be a favorable day to... talk about (Mercury) what’s wrong (Chiron) in a Neptunian way. Use a song. Send a postcard with invisible ink. You don’t need to be crystal clear. You can’t be crystal clear on a day like this. You can allude. You can leak. You can hide. And you may be wondering: is THIS communication? Yes but it’s communication without answers or expectations. It’s the High Priestess in a bathing cap drifting down the river of the day: knowing and not knowing the unknowable knowns of know-ness.


And with Venus square Pluto today too, the stream, the swim, is what I recommend. Be gentle (stellium in Pisces) rather than willful (Pluto) in your love and relationships. Hide if you must. Seek if you must. Avoid power-grabs. Float. Be. Hold your breath. Dunk your head. But don’t drown. You will live another day.

How are you spending the day?


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