The Stars Today & My Mother’s Yartzeit

I knew my mother’s Yartzeit (anniversary of death) was coming up but I wasn’t sure when. I follow the Jewish calendar, which is lunar, and the date changes each year. As well, she died during a (Jewish) leap year so the date can even switch months.

And I kept remembering and forgetting to go look. I have a piece of paper from the funeral parlor with the dates for 20 years and last night when I was home (and not on the train) I *finally* remembered to go look and I’m so glad I did and this is probably why it kept showing up in my brain. Her Yartzeit is this coming week. It’s early. Usually it’s in March.


We’ve been talking a bit about the 8th House on the message board. There’s a a big fat aura around this house and it is one of the houses associated with mystery and the occult but also very practical things (like taxes) and frightening things (trauma, violence) and unfathomable things (death). What we share and also what is taboo. This house is never lonely, whether we like the people who show up there or not. The 8th House also rules psychoanalysis.

Yesterday on the train I was rereading pieces of Howard Sasportas’ Twelve Houses book and this one passage reminded me of a relationship I had to leave a couple years ago. I thought I would die if I left it. It took me years to find that truth inside me. How it wasn’t about money, that I needed a safety net from someone who had more than me. It was about survival in EVERY way. I had made him my mother. And he had happily encouraged that. (And then blamed me later for this dynamic, but that’s another story.)

Then I remembered a client with Mars in her 8th House and some of her responses to relationship reminded me of myself. The terror of losing the beloved.

See, if mother (the first bond) didn’t take care of us, we would have died. We wind up projecting unresolved feelings from that bond onto our adult relationships. ” It then feels as if our very survival depends on the preservation of the current relationship…”

And of course these feelings arise whether or not the relationship is actually good for us. Read his book. That little quote comes from Page 78, his section on the 8th House


Stars Today: The Moon is in Leo until almost midnight (Big City time) and then just a short void of course Moon until she enters Virgo. Full Moon in Virgo on Monday and Venus also enters Pisces.

Moon in Leo ain’t so happy today. Not much place for the jolly lion under these skies. A big problem? Not really. But emotional upsets are possible. The Moon makes edgy itchy aspects to both Mars and Mercury (retrograde) in Pisces and then opposes Venus in Aquarius. Sorry to say but today feels like a bit of a battle to me on the emotional front. It will pass but then it passes into Virgo which then opposes all the Pisces.

My advice is to lay low. Keep away from drama (Leo) if possible. Avoid triggering situations and people 🙂 Keep your mind on the love stuff (Leo is generous) but don’t look for any ego fluffing or thank you notes. Just give without expecting anything back (Pisces) and you’ll get through the next 48 hours just fine.


Today’s Tarot: 8 of Cups. Don’t look back. 


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