The Stars Today: Mutable Love

"moon conjunct pluto"I have a lot of Post-Its. I love Post-Its 🙂

Many of them are short to-do lists. And then there are the quotes, the reminders, from spiritual teachers that I pluck out from my reading.

Or even things my friends have said. Scraps of paper. Wisdom. I have a Post-It on the wall above my desk with something my Scorpio friend said. On June 1st, 2012. And when he called a couple weeks ago, I told him about it. I took a picture. (This is Moon Pluto’s idea of emotional foreplay.)

And I’m cleaning off my desk right now. The Moon is in Virgo. My natal Moon is in Virgo (conjunct Pluto). I NEED (Moon) to do this.

I was going through a little basket with paper clips and pens and a few stray Tarot cards from a deck that I don’t use for readings, little bright binder-clips and I found this quote on a scrap of paper, not even a Post-It:

I love you with so much of my heart that none is left to protest.

Couldn’t remember who said this so I googled the phrase. Shakespeare, from Much Ado About Nothing.

If you have planets in the mutable signs, in the mid to late degrees, you’re being squeezed today. Jupiter in Gemini. Mars in Sagittarius. Moon in Virgo. 

And I must have written down this quote in such NEAT handwriting because I FELT it at the time. Aw hell, I always feel it. Even when no one is there.

Moon in Virgo brings us fix-it energy. The desire to seal the deal, make it better, end the confusion, pin it down. And for those of us with Virgo energy mixed up with Pluto energy, well, it’s painfully compulsive. We try like hell to solve it solve it solve it. It’s like… waiting by the phone WHILE making a call.

My advice under the rest of this Virgo Moon is not to force it, but to do Virgo things. Maintain. Organize. De-clutter. Small things. Details. Pay a bill. Throw something away.

And if you need to buy hand-painted wooden figurines of reindeers, horses, and medieval princes, so be it! We are strange in Virgoland, but we mean well.




Yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the upcoming Eclipses as well as my usual longer Readings.

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