The Stars Today: Moon Square Chiron

Did I really not blog for two days?

I think I need to go for a walk to get my creative juices flowing. When I move my body, my mind also beings to move. Stagnation is the enemy! But as I was telling folks in the chatroom, the last half of 2013 was stressful, and it took its toll on my body. These days I feel like I’m recovering. Turtle. Slow moving. Resting. And this fits with Mars retrograde. Be constructive with the energy. Not destructive. And one challenge (as I went on to say) is to accept myself at my current weight. I went off all my routines since the summer and probably weigh more now than I have in years. Decades? And yet I know it would be wrong to force myself through my work-outs at this point. I’m still recovering. Acceptance. Lack of acceptance. Acceptance. Lack of acceptance. Dual, dual mind. Duel mind.

And I’m looking at the stars today and the stars are of two minds too! Sun in Pisces (two fish!), Moon in Gemini (the Twins!). There is flexibility to be found, if you allow it. Perhaps it’s too soon for me to go full-on with what I used to do but I can do some “in the meantime” or I can do some “training wheels.” One key is to leave the self-criticism behind. Can you do that? I mean REALLY leave the self-criticism behind and be FINE with RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE. Even your body. Be fine with your body.

Moon is square Neptune in Pisces now and Moon will square Chiron today but you know what? I think I like this transit. Why? Because it gives us options. Whole Milk. Low-fat Milk. Skim Milk. Grass-fed-cow Milk. Raw Milk. Almond Milk. Soy Milk. Rice Milk. You can get acupuncture or massage or hypnosis or go to meditation or… My point is that Moon square Chiron is mommy wanting you to get well and mommy has so many pamphlets and ideas and her mind moves fast and you don’t have to take them all or even listen to them all. Tune her out if you must until you hear, feel THE RIGHT WORDS COME OUT. And then latch on. LATCH ON.

Love, MP

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