The Stars Today! Moon in Taurus Calm Your Shit

"new moon in libra"Calm. It’s okay to calm down now.

The Moon has entered reliable earth goddess Taurus, and this week’s transits are busy and brave and I feel we’re ready. Moo.

Jupiter will retrograde so the expansion in your life may feel more internal than external and/or a study of that area of your life is needed. Introspection and inspection. And speaking of inspection, Saturn will enter Scorpio. You’ll fear exactly what you MUST do. Don’t fuck it up.

What do you need to know now? In my humble opinion 😉 that you shouldn’t go it alone. We’re in the midst of Libra Season. Sun and Mercury. Venus went retrograde in Gemini, remember? She’s in late Leo now, almost in Virgo, but then Venus in Libra will comment on the decisions you are working on now.

I had a day-long fight with someone yesterday. A psychodrama really. But it was worth it. We got somewhere and I realized a lot of… stuff. That’s the funny thing about Cancers. They always think they are being clear.

But back to you guys. What are you noticing?

I feel we’re on the edge here. The Full Moon in Aries was pivotal and alarming. This week, despite the deep changes, feels small in comparison. Maybe it’s the Taurus Moon I’m feeling now. Or knowing that after Taurus comes Gemini and Gemini Moons don’t have time to waste. Gemini, ruled by Mercury, has wings, you know? The Full Moon released what was broken and now we move ahead.

Before you know it, the changes you’ve been waiting on will be at the door. Will you open it? Are you ready? Do you want it? What are you so afraid of? Who is by your side with the Sun and Mercury in Libra?

I know I ask a lot of questions here . I think you can handle it 🙂


P.S. Jupiter retrograde could also be a MUCH NEEDED break. Think of that restless Gemini energy slowing down a bit…


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