The Stars Today: Moon In Sagittarius!

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Another busy day in the Big City. Let’s take a look at the sky. Let’s think about the sky.

May’s got some STUFF coming up, okay? We’ve got the Sun conjunct Jupiter (which is a good thing!) this weekend. And then we’ve got Venus Retrograde just a couple days later. And then our first eclipse of the season, in Gemini. And Mercury enters Taurus!

Find find find find your Taurus/Gemini Houses! Action action action!


How was your Full Moon? I always feel the transition from the Moon in Scorpio to the Moon in Sagittarius. For me? It just feels better. My chart is supported by Scorpio – I am mostly water and earth. And yet…


So the Sun is in Taurus, earth energy. Do you feel stuck? Or do you feel… steady, more grounded? The Moon is in early Sag (7 degrees as I type this). Mercury in late Aries. If you’ve been feeling impulsive and as though… your life was leading you around rather than you leading your life? This will change. Taurus is slower than Aries. More earth energy will settle you.

Venus at 22 Gemini and she will proceed a wee bit more before retreating! Mars at 6 Virgo… and I’ll let you dig out the slower moving planets on your own but I will add this:

The Moon is square Mars right now. Despite Sag’s uplifting nature, you may feel cranky! Or tired.

And the Moon is trine Uranus right now. Cranky/tired + … making a leap, a good luck leap!

In other words, you’re effin’ moody, but it’s okay. Moon’s in Sag! 🙂 You can forget to worry says Sagittarius square Virgo: PLEASE forget to worry 😉


Venus is trine Saturn: what relationship is actually working out for you and will stand the test of time? Doesn’t have to be romantic. Could be work or friendship but something is happening NOW and you will review it, oh yes you will, during Venus’ retrograde but that doesn’t discount the reality (Saturn) of love (Venus) today.


Where’s your Gemini House? Have you found ZERO Gemini yet? That’s our eclipse degree. So forget Coke Zero and Sprite Zero and whatever the hell else yer drinkin’ — Gemini Zero will refresh you!

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