The Stars Today: Moon In Sagittarius (Or, The Sagittarius Whisperer)

"new moon in aquarius 2012"

You know what? Sagittarius is an oft-misunderstood sign although probably everyone feels that way. Misunderstood. Do you?Β 

I’m thinking about Sagittarius not just because the Moon is in Sagittarius but the Moon in Sagittarius makes me review the Sagittarius that I have known throughout my life and damn it they’ve always been there which some may consider odd because I have a Cancer stellium which will inconjunct the Archer which can feel kind of itchy. I’m always the reticent one.

Sagittarius likes to roam, right? And Cancer likes to stay home, right? Sagittarius like to be free, freely freeing their freedom loving freeness!

Sagittarius no. 1: my best friend from age 12 until… well… until the time that I stopped talking to her. She wasn’t the one who left. It was ME!

And then there was Sagittarius no. 2, my first college boyfriend, my first boyfriend ever actually. He wrote me long long long long long letters and I broke his heart. Damn. No need to be sad though. He’s happily married with child. I think he’s my Facebook friend. Not sure. He’s never on there.

Sagittarius no. 3 – one of my good friends here in NYC. I don’t see her all that often but it’s because our lives our busy. Neither of us left the other. I love it when I see her – she’s family. And oof she’s DEEP (got Scorpio planets too).

And there are others but my point is this: you know what the secret side of Sagittarius is? They don’t leave. They fight to keep you (to varying degrees). And one could say: oh yes it’s the influence of Capricorn in their chart which can be a bit bullying πŸ˜‰

There’s something of the puppy in them — no matter their um possible prurient interests or hobbies (found in some Archers) or how far and wide their travels take them. A Sagittarius who loves you is leashed to you. This has been my experience.

What about you?


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