The Stars Today! Moon In Sagittarius, Do Everything Right

"full moon in aquarius"The Moon is in Sagittarius (big city time) until late afternoon, Sunday afternoon.

Sagittarius is famous for their philosophical thinking, wanderlust, and… promising what they cannot always deliver.

If you are a Sagittarius Sun or Moon then you’ve read this description over and over. Is it true in your experience? 

The Moon will oppose Venus in Gemini today and sextile Saturn. Not bad, not bad. Balance the fun with thoughts of tomorrow.

We’re still under a fire and air sky. The Moon entering Capricorn on Monday will bring the business back. If you’ve been on a mental vacation, it will end to some degree and I think you’ll be grateful for the solid ground despite the tense aspects that Moon in Capricorn will make.

August 1st is the Full Moon in Aquarius. Have you set your intention?

Yes I set intentions for Full Moons too 🙂 Are you doing what needs to be done? Are you in the middle, beginning, or end of the process.

Full Moons are often emotional but this Full Moon is sweet and shiny. Still, there may be news received. Messages. Find your Aquarius house. The light is shining there.

I will pull a few Tarot cards for the transition from weekend to weekday:

Hmm. Lately my cards have said “don’t isolate” but the first card here is about quality time alone. Meditate as needed. Soul search as needed. If you need a guide, seek one out, even from books or youtube 🙂 You are on the road. You are holding the lantern. You are wise beyond your years.

Card Two: what diligence you have! Learning learning learning. You’re in a good phase of this learning. It’s not all for nothing even though the work you are working on feels more “inner” than “outer. ” We did get a Pentacles card here. Manifestation. There is movement behind the scenes. You are doing everything right. Can you believe I said that? How does it feel when you say that to yourself: you are doing EVERYTHING right.

And the final card: the Full Moon WILL present to you a choice. Jupiter in Gemini. Venus in Gemini. Moon in Aquarius will trine them along with Mars. There will be more than one good and interesting decision. Now remember this could be inner work or outer work. Both matter. Both are valid. And once again, despite the necessary soul searching, I see cards of support. Particularly support from one very special person. Question is this: do you know WHO it is? 

Good cards for us, my friends. Good cards 🙂

Love, MP

Yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings (Astrology or Tarot) for the Full Moon,

Your morning music for the Moon in Sagittarius  Howard Jones – Things Can Only Get Better

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