The Stars Today! Moon In Pisces!

"full moon lunar eclipse in gemini 2011"

This Moon in Pisces is sensitizing my shit and I do not like it.

Now usually I like a water sky, I prefer a water sky, but not today, no thanks, not the Moon in Pisces conjunct my North Node, on my 7th House cusp. 

Otherwise, the Sun in Sagittarius keeps it light and all our planets in earth (Mars, Venus, Jupiter…) keep us down to earth. And that Venus Pluto conjunction, exact now, makes love a killer.

(Stop me before I sing a Bon Jovi song. Please. Because I never have and I really shouldn’t start now.)

Mercury Retrograde of course brings us the re-do and the review and honestly I don’t mind it. Watch all your Sagittarius friends backtrack in the coming months. That will be especially entertaining. Especially because they won’t remember but you will 🙂

But tell me this: what do you want to hold on to? And what do you want to set free? Earth energy wants you to grab and fire energy wants you to move. You can do both. The trick is that the Moon in Pisces may give you a bellyache later on.

I say….. wait.

What choo gonna do?  

Will I be doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini? YES! Probably won’t start until Friday though… but feel free to email me anytime to schedule at

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