The Stars Today: Moon In Pisces Shhhhh

"mars retrograde in virgo"

It’s days like this I wish I were a machine. Can’t seem to shake this cold or whatever it is, this run-down feeling since… Tuesday, which was a gym-day and a gym-day that I probably should have skipped. Regret. Too late now.

The moody Big City winter weather does it to me every year and with the Moon and Venus in Pisces? I want to rest. I need to rest. Pisces rules sleep 🙂

The Moon in Pisces is conjunct Venus RIGHT NOW and the Moon will oppose Mars in Virgo later today – Mars Retrograde that is — which, to my mind, is a double dose of Pisces.

No wonder I’m slowing down. AND YET I can’t accept it yet. I still want to do-do-do.

The solution for right now (as I was saying to someone last night) is the High Priestess more than the Magician i.e. the spirit of receiving rather than trying to create and make change. It’s yin time, baby. Yin. And Mars transiting my 1st House, even retrograde, finds that a little unsettling. And yet unsettle it must.

Otherwise: Moon Mars oppositions bring out the cranky in you and others — so hold your peace! Hold it tight! Guard it! Don’t let them annoy you!

Sun in early Aquarius: revolution is on our minds. What needs to happen, what needs to change, and what needs to wait until Mars goes direct, months from now. Don’t stop coming up with ideas… just know there may be delays (hello Saturn Retrograde coming up!)

Mercury in late Capricorn: we’re still in serious business mind. A little down too probably. Mercury in Aquarius will be funnier.

Jupiter moved another degree in Taurus which is totally awesome — just because! We like it when Jupiter moves forward, sprinkling his dopeness all around (to quote a Twitter pal of mine) and closer to a sextile with Chiron. Eh, all we want from Chiron are sextiles and trines. Jupiter and Chiron together is a big healer rolling up her sleeves and getting to work which reminds me again of the High Priestess. Roll up the sleeves of your robe but prepare to… once again… discover the essence of Mars retrograde in Virgo for you — and essence IS an appropriate word here!

Don’t get swept away by the Pisces tide. Even retrograde, Mars in Virgo wants you to pay attention as best you can. Make yourself a list and sleep with it under your pillow.


How does the sky feel to you?

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