The Stars Today: Moon In Pisces!

I posted this on Facebook earlier today. Moon is still in Pisces. Advice below for how to behave  tomorrow, and a few words about Uranus going direct.

No exact aspects today other than what the Moon makes and she’s in spookily psychic Pisces.

Pisces may be THE most naturally psychic sign but perhaps the sign made most uncomfortable by this talent.

Pay attention to the House in your natal where you have Pisces. That’s the area to focus on as the Moon makes her constitutional. I’m guessing you are already noticing this…

Looking ahead to tomorrow, for energies and entities that are already in play or will be shortly:

The Sun in Sagittarius is inconjunct Jupiter in Cancer. This is not a meeting of the motivations. This is a misunderstanding of them. This is a HUH? That’s how I feel about the inconjunct these days. HUH? You may even feel this about your own NEEDS. You may surprise yourself as you try to fit it all in to some preconceived template that has no business sticking around. You’ve come too far for that.

Mercury in preacher Sagittarius will also be busy, trining Uranus and squaring Chiron. DO NOT PUSH YOUR LUCK. Sure that idea could make you millions but write it down. Don’t tell EVERYBODY about it.

And in terms of the minor leagues:

The Sun will be semi-sextile Saturn and Pallas semi-sextile Vesta which tells me your concentration on a scale from one to ten is…. I’d say about a six. No reason at all to put off projects but I am feeling some emotional and mental wonky. Let Spirit take the wheel.


Retrograde cycles of outer planets DO matter and do affect us and Uranus goes direct on the 17th this month.

You probably already know where it is in your chart, but time to review —

And I was thinking to myself: what in my 8th House needs to move forward and as I typed those words I got a Uranian flash of insight and I had my answer!

Mars opposes Uranus on Xmas day. Mars Uranus is a speed freak and Mars is the faster moving body here, the agitator.

Your Uranus in Aries story has been ongoing and while retrograde perhaps in a bit of a stalemate, a cold and uncomfortable yet stable Two of Swords or even a prickly painful Three of Swords groove.

HOWEVER Mars is coming to SHAKE IT UP (across that axis of your chart, the Libra/Aries axis) with a ferocity and a magnitude that will feel, I think, REFRESHING.


Love, MP

Note to self: Hmm I need to come up with a Holiday/Year-End special hmm….