The Stars Today: Moon In Pisces!

STAR REPORT: Sunday, December 8th:

The Moon is in Pisces today. Pisces symbol is the fish — actually, one fish swimming in one direction. The other fish swimming in the opposite direction. Which way will the fish choose? Towards fulfillment or away from it?

Pisces is a sign of RETREAT. Think of the 12th House here. Or your Neptunean pals. Disappearing. Dissolving. The need for solitude and mystical experience. The meditation hall. The office cubicle. The daydream. Sitting in your car and crying.

Pisces could disappear into a lofty career or to a dedicated life of drug addiction.

Pisces hates to be confined — so while the Moon is in Pisces today, I recommend you set an intention towards freeing… whatever parts of you feel unduly burdened, stuck.

This could be a stuck body, through illness. A stuck mind, through habitual thought patterns. Negative thinking. Hopeless thinking.

Pisces unchains the chains. Who cares that rose-colored glasses are often necessary? Sometimes they ARE necessary.

Problems may come (says my Virgo Moon) when real life options show up. Fantasies and daydreams are much less trouble and struggle than dealing with real life (often messy) people and situations. Fantasy and daydream is so much… cleaner. And you thought Virgo was OCD! Pisces gets tempted to swim away.

But today, with the Moon in Pisces, let yourself be Pisces as best you can and enjoy it too!



Love, MP

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