The Stars Today: Moon In Libra!

"new moon in aquarius 2012"
Libra rules Venus

Just a quickie this morning before I head out.

I got some news yesterday. Did anyone else Receive News? I give this to our recent Full Moon, which can bring endings, results… and speaking of the Moon, the Moon is in Libra so be nice! Mind your manners ๐Ÿ™‚

And also speaking of the Moon in Libra, is partnership on your mind? It’s on MY mind!

Since I’ve started blogging, I’ve worked with a fair amount of Libra Sun and Libra Rising folks and I enjoy it – they are sweet yes and they are nice yes UNTIL (lol).

What I mean is: there’s a sense of determination that I feel from them underneath the gloss. After all, they are cardinal i.e. dynamic energy that moves and changes, is creative. And the fun about Libra is this double layer: the surface and beneath the surface. My Moon Pluto loves that complexity.

Iron fist in velvet glove, as the saying goes. Or as my teacher used to say: a Libra is an Aries who went to charm school.

Libra Moon is gonna sit on Saturn today, transiting Saturn that is, and do you think our fair Moon will show Saturn some manners? Saturn is not without manners (ya think?) although he does tend to do what he wants, not minding how we feel (Moon) about it!

The Moon will also square the Sun during the Moon-Saturn sit-down. It’s some heavy energy so… if you feel kinda eh today, know it will pass. The Moon moves fast and we have the Moon in Scorpio to look forward to, ha!

Also, if you have planets in the later degrees in Cardinal signs, you may feel this Moon transit more than most. But like I wrote above, the Moon moves fast. Don’t worry even though Moon Saturn can bring the worry mood. We’ve got a New Moon to look forward too: planting seeds, new beginnings, new life. Gonna be good.

One last thing: if you do feel stressed or eh or low down today, remember that Libra rules Venus so… Be Venus today… and think about what that means TO YOU.


Yes, I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon in Aquarius so Look Here for info.


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