The Stars Today: Moon in Leo!

"full moon in leo 2012"

The Moon is already in Leo, on the way to tomorrow’s Full Moon.

Have you found the Leo section of your natal chart? Did you find what, if anything, aspects 18 degrees of Leo?

That spot, those houses, are where you will receive.

The Full Moon happens in my 12th House, a hidden house, in a wide conjunction to my natal Venus and thus a wide sextile to my natal Jupiter.

12th House Full Moons always feel like mental health transits to me but hard to pin down what the issue is. The 6th House sheds light, wants to fix the 12th House problem. Maybe it will and maybe it won’t. More information comes when the Moon enters Virgo!

Otherwise, skywise, let’s take a look…

The Moon is past her trine to Uranus in Aries: did you feel set free this morning? If not emotionally then… in some other way? I did feel loosened, my *mind* found solutions that I was searching for yesterday but it wasn’t until the fire Moon that insights came.

Sun and Mercury in Aquarius are conjunct – cool! Another great aspect for insightful insights arriving insightfully 😉 and oddly and out of the blue-ly. Aquarius innovates and with Sun and Mercury there, your wits are about you. Watch out though for the tendency to rationalize!

Venus is speeding through Pisces almost as if she is on fire for fire; she enters Aries next, which reminds me that I’m looking forward to the Venus-Uranus conjunction. You MUST find early Aries in your chart. This aspect can be disruptive in a lovely way 😉 Sudden love, sudden money, sudden comings and sudden goings.

And if you’re not ready for Saturn Rx… I’m sorry but he’s turn turn turning. Tomorrow. 

I feel like the coming months of Saturn Rx and Mars Rx are… times to re-seam, to borrow an image from a gal I know on Twitter.

We may not be making new patterns or wearing new clothes but we’ll be reviewing, re-doing, reminding, restitching, reliving! Re-loving? Maybe. Saturn is in Libra.

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