The Stars Today! Moon In Leo Trine Uranus! Meow!

"moon trine  uranus"

It was a little tricky getting to sleep last night.

I had already fed the cats but about 2 hours later they thought it was Dinner Part 2.

They don’t usually do this. They have their meal times and treats but this was mutiny!

I solved it though, meaning that I didn’t budge because gets cats used to things and start to expect things and if you give them a double dinner, you’ll never hear the end of it. Maybe they too are still getting used to the time change!

My cats are never far from my mind and with the Moon now in Leo, a cat post seemed purrrfect!

Yesterday, the sensitive Moon in Cancer brought us Moon square Saturn among other dicey aspects but today already feels better! The Moon will trine Uranus this afternoon, Big City time, and in fire signs, fixed to cardinal, Leo to Aries, hot to hotter, Sun to Fire, heart to head. Inspiration! Enthusiasm! Flash! Quirk!

You may strike out on your own with such an aspect — Uranus is independence, freedom, revolution and the Moon is how you feel, what makes you feel secure, and Leo is warm and courageous — so today you may stray from your emotional comfort zone.

Did the Moon entering Leo makes the cats more frisky? Well, at the time of their revolt, the Moon was still in Cancer BUT STILL cats are smart. I think they were trying to prepare me for today’s Moon in Leo, feeling the universe is on their side, and unlimited Fancy Feast and treats is their destiny.

Good thing I’m leaving the house…..

How does the Moon in Leo suit your chart?


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