The Stars Today: MOON IN LEO (Part Two) With A Side of Virgo

The Moon doesn’t enter Virgo until tomorrow, but let’s prepare shall we?

Virgo tends to prefer order, few surprises except for planned ones and even then… (God I remember the one time someone threw me a surprise party. My previous landlady did this. I was horrified.)

I know I know some Virgo or other will chime in here and tell me they are in love with chaos and disorder so I’ll speak for myself as a

1. Virgo South Node 2. Virgo Rising 3. Virgo Moon conjunct Pluto in the 1st House

I am a tyrant in the home. Virgo (order) at home (Moon) in an extreme (Pluto) way. Before my roommate moved in with me, I made sure to put stickies over the cupboards so she knew whose was whose. I did not want to merge. Wanted it known what was mine and not to be trespassed. Keep your stuff over there.

Now I’d read that description of me before (about being a tyrant at home) and it never really rang true until I… admitted it.

Everything in its place.

I am not a clean-freak although I am THE clean one in this current household, putting dirty dishes in the sink, wiping off counters, sweeping the floor, and so on. Practically speaking, we will get bugs if these things are not tended to, but it’s more than that — waking up to, living in, a world of filth brings me down 🙂

But one gal’s filth is another one’s… freedom.

It’s also a matter of MINE. Moon conjunct Pluto is ALL about the MINE.


TODAY, Wednesday July 10th: Moon in LEO.

Missy in the comments told me that yesterday my Moon in Leo forecast was right on for her so let’s see what the Moon is up to today.

As I type this, the Moon is conjunct Venus (applying) so I think you’ll have a better day, Missy! In fact, it will feel SO much better than yesterday that you may feel a little crazy because of the energy flip.

You will win today by… being yourself: warm, loving, and loyal like the Sun.

The Moon rules that which is is UNCONSCIOUS. Instincts. Habits. Today you will be able to feed and please yourself and others much better. Less angsty. It’s like… what didn’t work yesterday becomes today’s magic answer.

Love, MP


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