The Stars Today: Moon In Leo And The Shells Of Unnecessary

When I was in astrology school and my teacher noticed my Venus in Leo, he would talk about Leo’s need to be “appreciated.”

My roommate (Leo South Node) would tell me no — Leo needs to be ADMIRED. She’s one of those picky Virgo Moons. The right word matters.

My Venus in Leo, however, lives in the reclusive 12th House. Still Leo but I’m pretty shy. A winning combination: shy AND introverted despite my magnetic presence ha! I don’t like the light to shine on me any more than it needs to.

I have a couple of astrologer friends who want me on their blog talk shows but I keep putting them off! Perhaps when Jupiter enters Cancer πŸ˜‰

What do you notice about the Leo in your life?Β 

The Moon in Leo, no matter how you feel about Leo personally, is lovely for the air signs today (Gemini and Libra, making sextiles, a good aspect) and for other fire signs (Sagittarius and Aries, making trines, also positive).

Any of the other fixed (stubborn) signs though (including air sign Aquarius but also Scorpio and Taurus) may not appreciate purring playfulness from Leo today.

See, Saturn is in Scorpio and the Moon moving through Leo creates a square which can make you feel tense, stuck, sick even, wanting to make a move, unable to make a move. If you have natal placements in the fixed signs you will feel the day’s stalemate most of all. (ETA: The Sun and Mars are still in Taurus, adding to the number of tense aspects the Moon will make.)

Gemini is helpful though. Venus and Mercury are there. Gemini and Leo get along quite well, air and fire, they are friends. From this, we all benefit. Keep things light today.


For the Tarot mavens, a card for today, some advice 4U

ACE OF WANDS Aces are beginnings, beginnings that have heavenly help. Are you at the start of something? Despite the early stages, new life is already sprouting. Clearly you have left behind that castle (bad habits, bad memories? Grudges?) Β in the distance and everything it stands for. Every beginning indeed contains the shell of the now unnecessary. Plant a new tree. Wands are generating, creative, and if this Ace of Wands ain’t a huge phallus then my name ain’t MoonPluto. What are the benefits to having a huge phallus, you may ask? Let’s be symbolic about it, okay? It’s about power. There is someplace in your life where you are steadily growing more confident and with good reason. Does this ring true for you?

Love, MP


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