The Stars Today: MOON IN LEO

Saturn is direct now and in my 3rd House of writing/communications and I can write again.

Already I am blogging more after months of one post a day or none posts a day. Just like that. And it’s not always just like that but in my case yes and this is good news for you if you like my writing.

I want to tell you a little about who I am in case you are new to my blog. I’m a consulting astrologer and tarot reader, intuitive, supportive, and I have clients from all over the world. Sometimes we work together just once and other times it’s on-going coaching/supporting. I love it all. Click on this link here for more details.

Sometimes I do daily forecasts and sometimes I do weekly forecasts or write about one particular aspect or transit with or without Tarot and I tell a lot of stories from my personal life and sometimes about those around me. I also have three cats ๐Ÿ™‚

Already this morning I blogged about it being my birthday and the Moon in Leo is actually full of shit today so if today is your birthday too, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and… tomorrow will be better ๐Ÿ™‚

Moon in Leo is usually a playful placement, a fun and playful Moon but the Moon by transit is in my private, hidden, “mental health” house, the 12th (isolation, solitude, “self undoing”) AND the Moon squares Saturn today AND the Moon is in a Yod with Neptune and Pluto.

Shorthand: this Moon in Leo is stressed and my advice is just to leave her/it/well enough alone. Give her space. Don’t take things personally. If you start taking things personally, this Moon feels forced into care taking and Moon in Leo is NOT about care taking. Not like other Moons, not like Moon in Virgo for example. Moon in Leo is THE STAR and today she’s not her usual fun loving self. She’s the type who… covers her mouth when she laughs instead of showing her beautiful white teeth.

As for the Yod… the Neptune Pluto sextile is stable (sextiles are positive, easy going) but this is outer planet energy (distant, not personal, hard to grasp in fine detail for your life) and quincunxing the Moon (THE most private and personal energy in the chart) could lead to some super duper dramarama because we are forcing her to adjust her instinct. There is confusion; there is power struggle; there may be crisis.

How to solve it? If you are in the hole, then stay in the hole. Don’t let anyone force you out of it. Come out of it in your own good time. Again, this is no ordinary Moon in Leo transit. The square to Saturn itself feels “not good enough” so my ADVICE is:

love. Once again my advice is love. Love yourself that is. First and foremost. And Leo Moon DOES know how to do this BUT Moon square Saturn will tend to throw the baby out with the bathwater i.e. will let fear rule the day.

But you must love yourself to… give yourself what you need (MOON) so that you can figure out what you WANT.

Moon is in my 12th House today, my birthday. I will DEFINITELY be doing this.

P.S. Moon square Saturn tends to see (feel) the dark and not the light so keep this in mind as you make your way through the day. It’s temporary.


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